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Ella's Popcorn is a superior collection of artisan popcorn. The mix-ins are indulgent ingredients ranging from authentic Belgian chocolate, to real berries, classic cookies and beloved cereals. Each layer is folded in by hand in custom small batches. 

Popcorn Bars & Wedding Favors

Ella's Popcorn makes a great snack, gift or addition to any Catering Works wedding. There are both sweet and savory flavors to choose from, so something for everyone. Popcorn bars allow your guests to select from a variety of flavors. Favors can be packaged in a convenient 2 cup size, or container or bag of your choosing. Bridal party gift recipients love a 2 gallon tin. 

Ella's Story

"I got my love of cooking from my mom, Jill, an amazing chef and caterer. We created Zebra Pop (our best selling popcorn flavor) together as a party favor for my 7th birthday, and it was a hit! Pretty soon all of my friends' moms were calling to ask where they could get more, and Ella's The Popcorn Atelier was born. My mom taught me what a difference it makes when you use the best ingredients, so at Ella's we make our popcorn with premium imported chocolate. My palate has evolved since I was 7 - I like matcha and dark chocolate now - but the idea is the same: to create fun, nostalgic treats for friends and family. I hope you love it!"

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