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Cooking Charlie - Rabbit Rillette in Crispy Phyllo with Oranges, Olives, and Rabbit Stock Reduction

Posted to Vintage, Traditional, Recipes, Inspiration, Food by Donna Levy

Charlie Trotter's Pg 118


Of all the recipes that I have made from the Charlie Trotter book I think this one is my Favorite!  Charlie explains that in his restaurant his answer for serving chicken is to serve rabbit.  The first process was to cure the rabbit legs for 48 hours.  This is a prime example of how much time and care needs to put in to finish one of Charlie’s recipes.  Once the legs have cured you confit them, meaning you cook them in duck fat.  The book is very much written for your professional chef or advanced home cook.  No instructions on temp is listed, it just says to cook them for 3-4 hours.  We went with a low oven at 250 degrees.  The rabbit rillette was so flavorful and tender.  This one aspect from the book will keep with me forever.  So many dishes can be prepared just from the rabbit confit.  The layering of the phyllo using melted butter and herbs creates the crispy shell that reminds you of spanikopita.  The baked phyllo is served over top of a rabbit stock reduction and warm orange salad.  The rabbit stock reduction is prepared from scratch using the bones.  This process also takes a long time to prepare.  The important thing I learned from this recipe is that you can’t rush flavors like this.  The effort and care you put into a dish like this comes back to reward you time and time again.  In a world of 30-minute meals this book is not for you, but if understanding what food can truly be and have an appreciation for technique and foundation cooking Charlie will leave you striving to be your best. 

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